Symbolic 3rd- introspective

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The artist expresses his feelings, his memories, his critique of society. With a look firmly anchored in reality, he will transcribe his feelings through drawing. Everyone's fears, inspirations and buried fantasies will be questioned in each of the works. The idea is to form an artistic coherence between the symbolic elements forming this piece while detailing it with precision.

1- Adrionde and the days imprint

2- Gold that you gave us

3- The scent of a protective embrace

4- Eternal guide vizion

5- Tentations

6- Spatial perceptions

7- Path of conciliation and emancipation

8- Acceptation

9- Rendez vous

10- Realities under acids

11- Mutual strangers

12- Hope extension

13- One on one

14- Our underground paths

15- The unknown origins

16- Hypnotic Fall

17- Soaring in the air aquarium

18- Fight for honey

19- With myself

20- Drunk

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