Symbolic citees

1850 NFT

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Symbolic Citees

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Since April 2022 we have been working on an artistic project named Symbolic CITEES (1850 pieces)

the drop of this collection will be on foundation from the 1st September 2023 :


To create this collection we have created more than 900 layers which will be divided into 15 attributes, we have also inserted blending mode effects during assembly to bring more precision and enrich our creation process. During the first tests we wanted to create assemblies typical of generative art in a random way but the result was not up to our expectations so we decided to take the necessary time, to find a very personalized configuration so that each layer can be configured and inserted in a totally controlled manner without leaving any chance to chance.

We have therefore assembled our creative capacities, we have merged several techniques, several skills and experiences to achieve this.

The assemblies have been carefully thought out in an artistic coherence work by work, each pre-assembled on software in order to assemble each layer with a specific effect placed in a specific place. The number of layers varies, ranging from 4 to more than 10 layers for the most complex. The goal is not to have a criterion of rarity as one can frequently find, we wanted to create something different and tell stories where each element, as protagonist or setting, finds its rightful place and will bring a symbolic key to the story. Additionally, there are more than ten 1/1 works in this collection.

We have created More than 1850 Symbolic CITEES by drawing inspiration from cinema, history, science, technology, mythology, fantasy, video games, and certain artists that we particularly appreciate such as Yves Klein, Dali, Kenda, Cocteau, Burton, Chagall or Miyazaki, Matisse, Gericault.

All the layers are sculpted from nothing, they were developed from 3d sculpture, drawings, photos, everything was created and homemade. We can describe our style as futuristic, mystical, organic and technological.

The Citees have been a daily outlet for more than a year on different creative rhythms without ever forcing to create something validated by the two members.

We were able to work on different materials and effects as needed to diversify styles ranging from abstract to surrealism, more arty, dreamy touches then contrast on the dark side or even apocalyptic.

We hope that the collector can appropriate the work he owns through the symbolism, the story that this Citee tells. Indeed each layer has a name and it represents a particular symbol. Everything will be detailed on our website, each work has a specific and personalized name in order to understand the universe that emerges from it.

We let our imagination wander to create fantastic worlds where we were able to portray our dreams, our fears, our delusions, our personal feelings, our sometimes critical view of society, of the evolution of the human species.

Sometimes we happen to play ourselves as oracles, mediums or even psychoanalysts in the perpetual search for a parallel dimension, a time portal, a lost world or an extraterrestrial life that we wanted to include in a reality at a specific time.

The goal is not to create something figurative or decorative even if we pay attention to the details and aesthetics of each of our works. Here nothing is left to chance, we pay attention to all the symbolism, the idea is to immerse the collector in the depths of the work so that he can appropriate it, go to the heart of the work and find the message we want to convey.

Also through this collection we wanted to share and work around our encounters over the past two years in crypto art, we have created tributes to certain artists with whom we have exchanged or simply because we wanted to pay tribute to them through one of our CITEE, some CC0 have also been added for these and respect the process of the referent artists. You will also find references to cinema, music, pop culture, psyche, blockchain and gaming.

The Citees are in the heart of each of us, an artistic universe created by the hand and the brain of anemale. Legend tells that during the mint there is a psychic connection that is established between the collector and anemale, something unique created for the collector. Each Citee has a soul, the collector will then have to decipher this coding to understand the work as a whole and then in its symbolism.

Here are some rare citees (tributes, references and specials)